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Dear Friends,

Dauphen Jackson Cattle Co. auction stampede: Join us in supporting Rodeo Austin’s Youth Auction March 23, 2018. Contribute today.

We support all classes: Cattle, Barrows, Lambs, Goats and Poultry or you can pick your support preference. Please help these students.

I would like to thank Fuquay, Inc. for their enormous support of our auction. 

Rodeo Austin is a 501(c)(3) organization, contributing more than $2 million annually to the youth of Texas. The largest source of this giving is through the Youth Auction. Last year, the Youth Auction Committee and its generous buyers raised more than $1.44 million for 414 of the top junior livestock exhibitors.

The youth who receive funds from the Youth Auction are members of 4-H and FFA. In addition to raising a livestock project, these hard working kids are most often involved with sports, other extracurricular activities and their community. The job of the Youth Auction Committee is to raise funds and reward these kids for a job well done. This is an exciting process for the kids as they walk across the auction block and hear live bids on Friday, March 23 at ACL Live. The exhibitors will use these funds for college, investing in future livestock projects, starting their own businesses or in pursuit of other endeavors for their future.

My buyers group is called Dauphen Jackson Cattle Co/Fuquay, Inc. Any donation, big or small, is welcomed here, *|http://youthauction.rodeoaustin.com/dauphenjackson|*. I will take the funds I generate to the Youth Auction and bid on exhibitor’s projects. I would encourage you to join me at the event. It’s a special day for these kids and serves as a memorable last Friday of the annual Fair and Rodeo. You will get to meet the youth you support at the event and see their excitement first-hand.

Please help me raise funds for the youth of Texas. Or better yet, get involved with us. Ask me how.


Dauphen Jackson                                                                                                                                Rodeo Austin Vice President

Funds raised: $25,000 of $50,000


Thank you donors
Dauphen Jackson : $25,000
Dauphen Jackson Cattle Company & Fuquay, Inc.
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